October 01, 2013

Problems remain in PDD: Wilson

EDMONTON, AB (October 1, 2013): After seven months of disruption to PDD services, there remains considerable anxiety on the front lines and for clients as the PDD bureaucracy expands and the list of broken promises grows, Wildrose Human Services Critic Jeff Wilson said today. 

Today marks the government’s deadline to have several revised contracts in place for PDD providers.  However, after the PCs dropped their initial promised wage increase from 15% to 10%, they have further short changed service providers by allocating a one-time grant that falls short of the 10% commitment as opposed to a permanent increase.  Further, several contracts are either not complete or are being imposed while the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) assessments for PDD clients are still not completed.  “There was great relief in June when the government backed down from its massive funding cut backs and began consultations,” Wilson said.  “However, it’s frustrating to see that after several months to correct course, the PC government continues to fail to live up to its commitments and ensure stable funding and delivery of services for our most vulnerable.”  Wilson added that PDD regions are hiring additional staff, while the wage gap between non-profits and government employees remains a real concern.  “This move is another example of how this PC government prefers beefing up the bureaucracy instead of allowing funding and services to reach the front lines.” 


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