April 30, 2014

Jeff Callaway

Jeff Callaway is a Senior Investment Advisor in Calgary for the premier global independent, Wealth Management firm in Canada.

Jeff originally joined the Wildrose party on the day of its’ formation on January 19, 2008 as the Wildrose and Alliance parties merged. He became President in June of 2008 and served until 2010 whereupon he stepped into the role of VP Fundraising until June of 2011.  Jeff was asked to run again for VP Fundraising in 2012 whereupon he was elected and then again stepped into the Presidency in December of 2014 at perhaps the party’s darkest hour in order to steady the organization and rebuild with strength and vision.  He was acclaimed as President in November 2015 for a 2 year term.  Jeff’s experience with the party has seen its’ rise and subsequent resurrection.  He has presided over AGM’s, leaders Dinners, Leadership races, Nomination contests, Members events, run as a candidate, been a Campaign Manager, sits as his local Constituency VP Fundraising, hired, fired, stepped aside, stepped up, stood strong, and met many inspiring people and friends along the way.  It’s an honour and a challenge to serve the people of Alberta and this party as we all commit to a more prosperous future.


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