September 15, 2014

Prentice's cabinet marked by more of the same: Wildrose

CALGARY, AB (September 15, 2014): Despite Premier Jim Prentice promising “generational change”, his new cabinet is more of the same, filled with former Redford ministers mired in scandal and unelected individuals in charge of portfolios responsible for over $25 billion in provincial spending, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

Three quarters of Prentice’s new cabinet is made up of Redford era cabinet ministers who stood by in silence as the government was embroiled in scandal and controversy.

The PC minister who used the government planes the most (well over 100 times last year), Robin Campbell, is now in charge of the government fleet at his new position as Finance Minister. 

Former Finance Minister Doug Horner, the individual who was directly responsible for the flagrant abuse of the government aircraft that occurred during the Redford government, is staying in Prentice’s inner circle as a senior advisor.

Also, the two ministers responsible for Sky Palace, Transportation Minister Wayne Drysdale and Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour Minister Ric McIver, were rewarded with spots back around the cabinet table.

“Mr. Prentice promised change, but what we are seeing today is more of the same," Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said. "The message Mr. Prentice sends to Albertans with his cabinet is there will be no accountability to those ministers who have broken the public’s trust and no real change from the previous administration. If Albertans really want change, the only solution is to elect a new government."

Smith said the only real change is having two new unelected ministers in charge of two of Alberta’s most important portfolios; health and education.

"These two ministries account for over half of Alberta's total budget and the men in charge of them will be more focused on winning a seat in a byelection than actually managing their departments," Smith said. "Instead of focused and strong leadership, Mr. Prentice has decided to play politics with Albertans' health and education."


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