June 09, 2014

Prentice must explain destroyed expense records

AIRDRIE, AB (June 9, 2014): PC leadership candidate Jim Prentice must come clean and tell Albertans everything he knows about destroyed expense records from his time in federal politics, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said today.

According to a news release, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) recently filed a Freedom of Information request for Prentice’s expense records from his time as Federal Minister with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AAND). On May 7, 2014, however, CTF was informed Prentice’s expense records had been destroyed, despite the fact Section 4.1 of the ‘Multi-Institutional Disposition Authorities’ (MIDA) specifically exempts records in ministers’ offices from destruction.

Anderson called the news troubling. He said it’s particularly disturbing, given Prentice vehemently opposed MP expense disclosure during his time as MP. 

“Mr. Prentice is really starting to look like a true PC leader,” Anderson said. “He talks a good game about accountability and entitlements, but his actions just don’t reflect it. This latest scandal is a doozy. When he was an MP, he fought to hide his expenses. He even refused to let the auditor general look-in to ensure his spending was above board. Now, we find out his financial records were destroyed and no longer exist. Albertans are sick of this type of thing.”

In this day and age, there’s no excuse for expense receipts to go missing or be destroyed, Anderson said. He said it’s tough to believe this could happen without Prentice knowing.

“It will be hard for him to plead ignorance on this one,” Anderson said. “He was the Minister in charge. If Prentice wants to be Premier, he needs to treat Albertans with the respect they deserve and come clean about this.”


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