September 08, 2014

Prentice must commit to keeping Michener open: Towle

INNISFAIL, AB (September 8, 2014): Now that he’s been named the Premier-designate, Jim Prentice must commit to keeping the Michener Centre open, Wildrose Human Services Critic Kerry Towle said today.

During the Progressive Conservative leadership race, Prentice was the only candidate who didn’t take a public position on the closure of the Michener Centre in Red Deer. Towle said the time is now for Prentice to do the right thing: commit to stopping the closure of the Michener Centre and give its residents the housing security and peace of mind they deserve.

“Time is of the essence here. Sadly, we have already witnessed five former Michener residents in declining health be ripped away from their homes to only later pass away,” Towle said. “This closure is resulting in physical and mental distress, and I’m hearing reports of more fragile and terminally ill clients slated to move. Every day delayed means more anxiety as clients look at looming deadlines. Prentice must immediately make it clear to Michener residents that they can stay.”

Towle said Prentice intentionally kept from making any clear promises during his PC leadership campaign to ensure he didn’t have to break any once he was elected. She called this move crass.

“This isn’t about politics. It’s about extremely fragile and vulnerable Albertans,” Towle said. “What we saw during the PC leadership race was very few policies and ideas and a lot of negativity and infighting. Mr. Prentice should have made his plans for Michener clear then, but because he didn’t, he needs to do it now.”


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