February 04, 2014

Premier Redford spends 47 times more than her Nova Scotia counterpart to attend Mandela funeral

EDMONTON, AB (February 4, 2014): Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil’s $946.44 trip to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral highlights the lack of respect the Redford PCs have for taxpayers, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said today. “The Premier spent 47-times as much to attend the exact same funeral as Premier McNeil,” Anderson said. 

“We understand why the Premier wanted to attend, but to spend such an exorbitant amount when her colleagues are going for a fraction of the price is inexcusable. She and her team clearly can’t be trusted with Albertans’ hard earned taxpayer dollars.” Anderson said that actions like this are why Albertans are losing faith in the Redford PCs. “The fact is that the Premier just doesn’t seem to care about taxpayers. It shows how far the PCs have gone when Albertans have to look to Liberal leaders in the east to find a Premier who actually respects the taxpayer,” Anderson said. “This is one egregious example among many that proves this government is utterly unable to put needs before wants or to prioritize expenditures on services and programs that are critical to Albertans.”


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