May 02, 2017

Premier Notley shirking responsibility by repeatedly skipping out on QP: Wildrose

A worrying trend has been established by Premier Rachel Notley that sees her regularly skipping out on Question Period (QP), one of the key opportunities to hold the NDP government to account, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

During the Spring 2017 session, Notley has only a 68 per cent attendance record during QP. By comparison, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean has 96 per cent attendance, having only missed QP to attend the Budget lockup.
“Albertans expect the leader of the government to be available to answer questions in the Legislature, and the Premier is dropping the ball,” Wildrose Shadow Democracy and Accountability Minister Nathan Cooper said. “The poor attendance of the Premier is yet another example of the NDP government shirking responsibility and accountability, something that they would have decried while in opposition.”
In addition to planning junkets at the same time as legislative sessions whose schedules are determined by the government, there is also a troubling trend of the Premier skipping out on QP even when she is in the province.
“Missing out on QP and a key opportunity to hold the government to account is simply unacceptable from someone who signed up to be Premier,” Cooper said. “Everyday Albertans are expected to show up for their job each and every day, and that same accountability should be extended to the Premier of our province.”


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