December 18, 2012

Premier breaks promise with cuts to home care

EDMONTON, AB (December 18, 2012): Premier Alison Redford has broken yet another promise to Albertans with news of a 25 per cent cut in the amount of time for home care services, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

 “The Premier promised she would improve home care, but instead she decided to nickel and dime our most vulnerable and cut their home care service and minutes of care,” Wildrose Seniors Critic Kerry Towle said. “We continue to see bonuses for under-performing executives and an upper crust of management frivolously wasting money on lavish dinners and pricey hotels that would be better spent improving home care for Albertans.” Wildrose promised to increase funding for home care, find efficiencies in Alberta Health Services and cut bureaucratic waste in the provincial election. Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forysth said the home care cuts fit a pattern of behaviour for the PC government: Whenever they want to find efficiencies in the system, they target the front lines instead of the bloated health bureaucracy. “You don’t save money in health care by going after our most vulnerable people,” Forsyth said. “These cuts affect quality of life and place the burden of PC mismanagement and incompetence on home care workers, who are a part of the team of health professionals across this province who hold our health system together. This is a senseless decision that punishes our seniors that shows how out of touch the PC government has become. Albertans deserve better.” Link: Wildrose health policy.


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