July 22, 2013

Poll shows 69 per cent of Allen constituents think he should resign

POLL SHOWS 69 PER CENT OF ALLEN CONSTITUENTS THINK HE SHOULD RESIGN CALGARY, AB (July 22, 2013): With former PC MLA Mike Allen saying he wants to “consult” with constituents before deciding his future as an MLA, new poll results show overwhelmingly that constituents think he should resign.


 On Friday, Allen had been formally charged after being arrested in a prostitution sting by police in St. Paul, MN. The poll shows that 65 per cent of residents across Fort McMurray believe he should resign. Further, 69 per cent of Allen’s constituents in Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo believe he should step aside. "Mr. Allen today said he would stay on as the MLA while he determines what course of action his constituents want him to take,” Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith said. “That course of action couldn't be clearer. Seven out of every ten of his constituents want him to resign and have the opportunity to elect a new MLA. If he's serious about following his constituent’s wishes then there is only one course of action he can take: Resign." The poll was paid for by the Wildrose and conducted by Abingdon Research. It was conducted on July 18, two days after Allen's arrest. It showed that 85 per cent of Fort McMurray residents were already aware of Allen’s arrest. "Fort McMurray needs strong representation now more than ever," Smith said. "The people of Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo need a full-time MLA standing up for their interests each and every day, not an MLA facing down scandals and deciding whether or not he should resign. There are too many important issues facing the region. It needs a new MLA." The poll received 219 responses and has a margin of error of 6.6 per cent, 19 times out of 20.


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