Reality Check: PCs Hypocrites On Health Care

The Redford PC s are being hypocritical for fear mongering about the dangers of investing in private health facilities when their own hand-picked candidate for Calgary-West, Ken Hughes, headed a group of private investors to build a private hospital in Los Cabos, Mexico in 1998 for Canadian tourists ( ).

Hughes and his partner, Gerry Chipeur, wanted to ensure Canadian tourists received high quality care at the facility while they travelled to their luxury resorts as a part of North American Model inc.

At the time Hughes boasted about his investment as a part of North American Medical inc. as reflecting, “ the vision that there is long-term potential for tremendous growth in tourist areas,” he explains. “We provide the health care that reduces the risks for people to go there.”

The PC campaign of negative attacks and fear mongering is wearing thin. Unlike the PCs, who have no real plan to reduce wait times for Albertans, the Wildrose will put patients first.  The Wildrose plan will strengthen our health care system by allowing a mix of public and private health care delivery, while maintaining full public funding and universal accessibility, as prescribed under the Canada Health Act.

Premier Redford should either condemn her own hand-picked candidate for his own past activity or admit the Wildrose plan to increase delivery options for Albertans is the best way to end excessive wait times.

Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom, and democracy.