August 23, 2013

Pipeline safety review leaves more questions than answers

CALGARY, AB (August 23, 2013): The final report from the long-awaited review into the safety and integrity of Alberta’s pipeline network offers no assurances that regulations are being enforced and followed, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.  

Wildrose Energy Critic Jason Hale said it’s great that Alberta has a strong regulatory framework for pipelines, which the report confirms, but also said Albertans were hoping for some answers on whether or not the regulations are working to improve overall pipeline safety given that the review was initiated after several high-profile oil spills.  “It’s great that we have these regulations, but having regulations was never the issue. We need to make sure our pipeline infrastructure is safe and secure and that comes down to enforcement,” Hale said. “Unfortunately, we’re not really in any better position today than we were a year ago because the review and report failed to investigate the real issue.”  Hale adds the review comes at a time when demonstrating the safety and security of Alberta’s energy infrastructure is more critical than ever before.  “Given how important pipelines are to Alberta’s economic future and the number of major pipelines being debated, it is critical for Alberta to prove it is leading the way in enforcing our pipeline regulations,” Hale said. “Our record of regulation enforcement and compliance will continue to be under heavy scrutiny and we have to make sure we’re up to the task.” 


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