November 07, 2013

Pension hike another blow to taxpayers

EDMONTON, AB (November 7, 2013): Alberta taxpayers are once again being dinged as the PC government hikes the amount they contribute to the pension plans for senior government bureaucrats, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today. 

Yesterday, behind closed doors, Premier Alison Redford and her cabinet quietly slipped through a 14% increase in government contributions to the lavish Management Employees Pension Plan. The increase means taxpayers now contribute almost 70% more to senior manager pensions than the managers themselves. It means, on average, taxpayers are contributing $50,000 a year to these pensions. Standard pension plans stipulate a 50/50 split between employee and employer contributions.  “Alberta taxpayers are once again being called upon to finance the lavish benefits of senior government officials,” Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said. “Instead of giving taxpayers a break by asking these well-paid government managers to contribute more to their own pensions, this government has decided everyday Alberta taxpayers should be on the hook for them.”  Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said these types of government manager pensions are symptomatic of a government that no longer has control over its budget.   “The Management Employees Pension Plan was already unfairly burdensome to taxpayers and the changes brought in yesterday only make it worse,” Anderson said. “It’s time to reform this pension plan to respect taxpayers and restore a fair balance between personal and taxpayer contributions.”


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