April 23, 2014

Clyde Corser

Clyde Corser was appointed Provincial Director - Central in March 2017.

I am Albertan for three generations – in both directions!  All my grandparents chose Alberta to live and build their lives, and my children and grandchildren are making the same choice.  As a conservative and professional forester it is natural to think of my family legacy and ideal as a tree – with roots sunk deep into rich Alberta soil and offering its shade and fruit to passersby.

Alberta has been good to me, and now I want to give back.

I want to see Alberta become once again an oasis of opportunity; free of the suffocating oppression of ever bigger government and slow strangulation by uncontrolled debt.

I want to see an Alberta where freedom reigns.  Where parents are free to pass on their own cherished values to their children and speech is unmuffled by the fleeting whims and fashions of political correctness.  Where every man, woman and child is free to follow their dream and ambition to wherever it takes them without having to rely on either public permission or purse.

I want to live where every citizen believes they can trust their government and participate in its processes in meaningful ways.  I want to help “form and maintain government by uniting Albertans on a foundation of compassion, conservatism, self-reliance and grassroots principles.”

That is why I chose to work with Wildrose.



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