April 17, 2014

Lenore Eaton

Lenore believes Wildrose can build a winning strategy to form the next provincial government based on the foundation of strong, engaged Constituency Associations.  It is the Provincial Director's job to ensure that grassroots members are represented by a committed, dynamic C.A. that will work hard at finding and supporting first-rate Wildrose candidates to elect in the next provincial race.  Lenore will serve the C.A.s through hard work, open communication, and guidance.

She states "Albertans are asking for a political party that governs with fiscal prudence, honesty and accountability; a government that puts Albertans first. I believe the Wildrose Party answers that call, and is ready to form the next Alberta government.  I will dedicate myself to the teamwork required to achieve that goal."

Lenore first joined Wildrose in 2011 working on the campaign team for Jeremy Nixon, and has been an active volunteer since.  She joined the Calgary-Klein C.A. Board in 2012 as director-at-large and fundraising event manager, and is currently serving that C.A. as VP Membership. She spearheaded the 2013 EC Candidates' Forum in Calgary. Lenore is also actively involved with the Conservative Party of Canada, serving on the Board of Calgary-Confederation.

Lenore brings over 25 years of corporate and not-for-profit business experience to her role as PD.  She operates her own consulting and business management services companies and has held director and officer positions with both publicly listed corporations and not-for-profit organizations.



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