November 24, 2014

PCs vote down strengthening property rights

EDMONTON, AB (November 24, 2014): Today, PC MLAs unanimously voted against an historic motion to enshrine property rights in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Motion 501, put forward by Wildrose Lacombe-Ponoka MLA Rod Fox, supported a new amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing the protection of real property, and all rights connected to that property, for all Albertans.

If it passed, it would have acted in concert with a similar motion presented by federal Lethbridge MP Jim Hillyer in the House of Commons.

“Albertans believe property rights are a right that needs to be entrenched in law to protect against poorly written laws passed by any previous, current, or future government,” Fox said.  “It’s extremely disappointing that PC MLAs weren’t willing to stand with the Wildrose to bring in an historic change.”

Under section 43 of the Constitution Act, if a constitutional amendment applies to one or more provinces, but not all of them, the amendment requires only the support of the province to which it applies with resolutions by the Senate and House of Commons, and of the Legislative Assembly of each province where the amendment applies.

Fox said today’s vote shows there is only one party that will steadfastly defend the property rights of all Albertans.

“The PCs have shown once again they are only willing to pay lip service, instead of carrying through on real meaningful action on property rights,” Fox said. “The Wildrose will continue to not only fight to repeal legislation like Bill 2, Bill 24 and Bill 36, but we will relentlessly advocate for stronger property rights.”


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