April 25, 2015

PCs spend a billion dollars on sole-source contracts in one year

EDMONTON, AB (April 25, 2015): While the Prentice PCs are raising 59 new taxes on families, they spent almost a billion dollars in sole-sourced contracts in the past year alone.

The Wildrose plan calls for a 10 per cent reduction in all PC sole-source cronyism as part of the low tax, balanced budget and savings plan. 

The data was collected through a series of freedom of information requests listing sole-source contracts in each government ministry. The numbers do not include the department of Education, Treasury Board, or Intergovernmental and International Relations.

“The Prentice PCs can no longer be trusted to be in charge of taxpayers’ money. Wildrose has an aggressive plan to limit this type of sole-source cronyism across government and keep taxes low,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Wildrose is the only choice on May 5th who won’t raise taxes, won’t hurt the economy, and will create jobs, growth and prosperity.”

The Premier’s office spent $240,000 alone on sole-sourced contracts through Executive Council. Another $7.6 million was spent through Service Alberta.

“The time of PC government is coming to an end.  There is now a clear choice for Albertans, two parties who wants to raise taxes, kill jobs, and hurt the economy, and the Wildrose who will keep taxes low, end wasteful spending and grow the economy,” Jean said. 


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