April 28, 2014

PCs should stop playing politics in Calgary-Elbow

EDMONTON, AB (April 28, 2014): The constituents of Calgary-Elbow deserve a full-time MLA and shouldn’t be used as pawns by the PCs in an effort to clear the way for Jim Prentice’s possible leadership bid, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

Former Premier and Calgary-Elbow MLA Alison Redford hasn’t been seen at the Legislature in over a month but continues to represent the constituency’s 45,000 residents.

Meanwhile, several PC insiders including Human Services Minister Manmeet Bhullar and many in the PC party executive are actively working to convince Jim Prentice to run to be PC leader.

It is well understood that Ms. Redford has not yet stepped down as MLA for Calgary-Elbow in order to hold the seat for her close friend, Mr. Prentice. Once Mr. Prentice secures the PC leadership, Ms. Redford will likely step down, so he can run in a byelection in Calgary-Elbow in order to win a seat in the Legislature.

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith says the people of Calgary-Elbow, many of whom are still rebuilding after last year’s floods, deserve better than to be used as part of a scheme to have Prentice succeed Redford as MLA.

“There appears to be some serious political game-playing going on in Calgary-Elbow,” Smith said. “This is a time when Calgary-Elbow residents need real representation by an MLA committed to the constituency. It’s not fair for them to go without representation while the PCs plot out the easiest way to hand Mr. Prentice the leadership.”

After working in Ottawa, Redford articled for Prentice’s law firm in Calgary.

“We need to hear from Mr. Prentice on what exactly is going on here,” Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson said. “The people of Calgary-Elbow are essentially being held as ransom for his possible leadership bid and he hasn’t said a word. If he plans on taking over the PC leadership, it’s time for him to speak up and be accountable for this ploy on the constituents of Calgary-Elbow.”


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