December 02, 2013

PCs should repay taxpayers for brochure found in contempt of the Legislature: Anderson

EDMONTON, AB (December 2, 2013): The Alberta Progressive Conservative party should reimburse taxpayers for the glossy Building Alberta brochure mailed to every Alberta household after Speaker Gene Zwozdesky today ruled the mailing in contempt of the Legislature. 

The brochure, which prominently features PC blue and orange, is part of the government’s ongoing multi-platform Building Alberta advertising campaign. In his ruling, Zwozdesky said the brochure breached parliamentary privilege by advertising that a decision had been made when it hadn’t. Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said Zwozdesky’s ruling casts the Building Alberta campaign in a partisan political light. “Obviously, this brochure was a political ploy intended to boost the PC’s political fortunes, paid for by taxpayers,” Anderson said.  “Now that the Speaker has exposed it as such, the only appropriate course of action is for the PC party to repay the cost of design, production and mailing to taxpayers.” The PC government has not confirmed the total cost of the brochure. However, after the March budget, the government sent out a similar piece to all Alberta households. The mailing cost alone for that piece was $350,000.


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