March 21, 2012

PCs running out clock on Education Act

 EDMONTON, AB (March 21, 2012): After attempting to blame opposition parties for delaying a final vote on Bill 2 - The Education Act, the PCs have abruptly shut down debate in an effort to avoid passing it before the provincial election, Wildrose Education Critic Rob Anderson said.  Anderson says the PCs are reeling from strong public opposition to the proposed bill centred on parental rights and are attempting to escape the Legislature before the election without passing it. 

 “They’re trying to wiggle their way out of it to the point now that they’re actually filibustering on their own legislation,” Anderson said. “They know how much opposition there is to the Bill, but they won’t abandon it. Once again, the PCs are playing politics with the education of our children.”  Anderson told government MLAs earlier today in the House that the Wildrose Caucus intended to let the legislation pass this evening and would bring forward amendments to better protect parental rights after the election if Wildrose is elected to form government. However, the government cancelled tonight’s evening sitting with no notice.  “If this legislation doesn’t pass before the election, the PCs will have only themselves to blame,” Anderson said.  The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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