November 06, 2012

PCs plow through 8% pay raise

EDMONTON, AB (November 6, 2012): Today, PC MLAs on the Legislature’s Members’ Services Committee voted all MLAs an 8% pay increase, failing to put the interests of hardworking Alberta taxpayers first.

At the PC-dominated committee meeting, PC members (Steve Young, David Dorward, Mary Anne Jablonski, Pearl Calahasen, David Quest and Hector Goudreau) rescinded the motion passed at a previous meeting and replaced the $11,485 RRSP contribution with a 13% of base pay allowance ($17,420) and an employer matching contribution to RRSPs of 3.65% ($4,891), for a total of $22,331 - essentially increasing MLA pay by $11,000.  Both Wildrose members of the committee, Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith and MLA Heather Forsyth, voted against the motion. “This pay raise approved by this out-of-touch PC government means that our politicians are now the second highest paid provincial politicians in Canada just behind Quebec. This is wrong and is not what Albertans voted for,” Smith said. “I encourage any Albertans who live in a PC constituency to call and let their MLA know they didn’t send them to the Legislature to vote themselves a raise."  Even though the committee was acting on a government motion that required the committee to report recommendations back to the Legislature, PC MLAs on the committee framed their motion as a binding order and stated that they would report back to the Legislature that the committee had chosen not to take a pension.  “These PC MLAs just don’t seem to get it or understand,” Forsyth said.  “They are calling an 8% raise a 20% cut, they obviously have not listened to Albertans.” 


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