January 21, 2013

PCs open the door to new taxes in latest whitewash report

CALGARY, AB (January 21, 2013): The PC government’s Dollars and Sense non-scientific budget survey is another PC whitewash report, opening the door to higher taxes and eroding the Alberta Advantage, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today. The final report, signed off by Finance Minister Doug Horner, claims that the majority of respondents favour going back into debt and echoed comments made by Premier Alison Redford’s top aide Lee Richardson that the government should solve its own fiscal mess by “increasing tax revenues.” 

Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said that this is just another survey released by the PC government to justify their reckless fiscal agenda of more debt, more deficits and increasing taxes on hardworking Alberta families. “Redford did not campaign on running billion dollar deficits and picking up debt for future generations to pay for through higher taxes because it does not reflect the priorities of Albertans,” Anderson said.  “Albertans want government to live within its means and prioritize spending on needs versus wants, something this government just doesn’t understand.” With several comments by former PC cabinet ministers and aides to the Premier’s office about wanting to raise taxes, Anderson said that these latest results are just another public relations exercise for this government to try and justify their string of broken promises when it comes to managing Alberta’s finances. “Redford promised a balanced budget, no taxes and no debt while promising billions of dollars in new spending and looks like she is going to break every single promise,” Anderson said. “This government gambled with Alberta’s finances in their budget and now Albertans are on the losing end.”


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