November 22, 2012

PCs misfire on doctor negotiations, Bill 2 and matters of justice

EDMONTON, AB (November 22, 2012): PC CLAIM: In response to a question from NDP leader Brian Mason on negotiations with physicians, Health Minister Fred Horne said, “what this government has done is not imposed a settlement.”

FACT: Current AMA president Dr. Michael Giuffre called the announcement by the Health Minister to unilaterally set doctors fees an “imposition.”  

PC CLAIM: Responding to a question from PC MLA Jacquie Fenske on Bill 2 the Responsible Energy Development Act, Energy Minister Ken Hughes said that the legislation, “strengthens landowner participation rights.” 

FACT: The PC government voted down several attempts by the Wildrose Official Opposition to protect landowners in Bill 2, which has been raised as a serious concern by landowner and industry experts, academics and other key stakeholders. “This bill is a colossal gaffe by the Alberta government... the government doesn’t need to be stoking any fires by stripping away these rights.” – Shaun Fluker, University of Calgary Assistant Law Professor “Bill 2 is sloppy legal drafting and bad policy insofar as it strips the most affected by energy projects of their legal right.” – Keith Wilson, Property Rights lawyer “Under Bill 2, the consolidated regulator will be making decisions respecting the landowners land, but if the landowner has some objection or if there’s been something overlooked, they can’t appeal.” – Russ Brown, University of Alberta Law Professor 

PC CLAIM: Responding to a question from Airdrie MLA Rob Anderson as to why the government has deflected concerns about an appropriate amount of crown prosecutors and resources, Justice Minister Jonathan Denis stated that he had already ordered a “fully independent” review. 

FACT: While the Wildrose Official Opposition has long been calling for an independent review to address a case of justice dropped in an Airdrie sex-assault case, among other cases in Alberta’s justice system, the PC government has only so far announced an internal investigation.



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