August 29, 2014

PCs fail to access federal funding for municipalities for 2014 construction season: Wilson

CALGARY, AB (August 29, 2014): As Alberta heads towards the end of another construction season, the PC government has failed to tap into critical infrastructure funding for municipalities available through the New Building Canada Fund, Wildrose Municipal Affairs Critic Jeff Wilson said today.

In May, the Wildrose first raised the alarm bells pointing out the Alberta government had still refused to sign the standard agreement for this program, which provides municipalities with additional funds to build community infrastructure. 

Wilson said the PC government failed municipalities and other eligible groups by missing out on these funds for the 2014 construction season.

“It now looks like we will see an entire construction season disappear without the province accessing a single dollar from these generous federal grant programs,” Wilson said.  “This is basic mismanagement and a failure of leadership from this government.”

The New Building Canada Fund, through its Provincial Infrastructure Component, makes hundreds of millions of dollars in matching infrastructure grants available to eligible municipalities, band councils, public sector bodies, not-for-profits and post-secondary institutions. However, to apply for this money, these groups must apply through portals created by Alberta Infrastructure. So far, no portal has been created.

“Instead of this money flowing through to municipalities, it’s been hung up in paper work and the internal chaos that is the PC leadership race,” Wilson said. “It’s disappointing to see our communities once again short-changed by this tired and out of touch PC government.”


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