October 30, 2013

PCs deserve failing grade on million dollar gym in Premier's constituency

EDMONTON, AB (October 30, 2013): Today, Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister challenged the PC government for giving the thumbs up on $1.1 million for a temporary gymnasium in Premier Alison Redford’s constituency.  

Despite there being a legitimate school option a 10 minute bus ride away, the province has now spent over $5.3 million on flood affected students in Elbow Park.  The temporary gymnasium is being set up at the Earl Grey School site where an existing gymnasium is already in place.  McAllister said that you can’t blame parents for lobbying on behalf of their kids for extra gym space, but with kids spilling out of their classrooms across the province, taxpayers are left scratching their heads.  “This type of decision pits kids, parents and communities against each other and it just isn’t right,” McAllister said.  “We have a desperate need for schools, portables and modernizations from one side of this great province to the other.  The Premier needs to explain to all of these people waiting for projects why her riding is getting special treatment.”  With students in High River being asked to take up banquet halls and fields for gym class, while families wait on portables after broken promises and missed deadlines, McAllister said it’s time for the Premier to stop playing favourites.  “Right now, we have the Premier spending more than $5 million on a project in her own riding while flood affected families in High River are quite literally being left out in the cold,” McAllister said.  “This is about being open and transparent with Albertans.  This government has failed to do either.”



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