October 01, 2012

PCs claim gold in waste and mismanagement

EDMONTON, AB (October 1, 2012): The $518,000 tab for Premier Alison Redford’s London Olympic trip – including $113,000 in unused hotel rooms – is just the latest example of the waste and mismanagement that engulfs the PC government, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

“This kind of incompetence and mismanagement perfectly illustrates the utter lack of respect this government has for tax dollars and why Alberta is in the fiscal hole it’s in,” Wildrose MLA Kerry Towle said. “When this government can drop that kind of money on galas, receptions and empty hotel rooms without batting an eye, it’s no wonder we have a $3 billion deficit that’s only getting bigger.” The inflated Olympic tab joins Allaudin Merali’s expense scandal, the Evan Berger hiring, the continued bonuses for Superboard executives and the PCs’ shell game reimbursement of money owed over the no-meet committee as the latest in a string of high-profile abuses of tax dollars, Towle said.  “After 41 years, it’s quite clear that this government no longer puts Albertans’ best interests first,” Towle said. “Whether it’s expensing butlers and booze, inventing high-paying government jobs for PC insiders, or tossing around hundreds of thousands of dollars at the Olympics like it’s nothing – these PCs have grown out of touch and are only out for themselves.”  Wildrose calculated that Redford and her team of ministers and staffers could have saved taxpayers well over $50,000 just on their own travel expenses, to say nothing of the $431,000 spent on hosting. 


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