August 28, 2013

PCs break promise to displaced Elbow Park students

CALGARY, AB (August 28, 2013): The PC government has once again made a promise to parents and students that it couldn’t keep after failing to deliver on modular classroom space for kids at flood damaged Elbow Park Elementary school that the province guaranteed would open at the beginning of the school year, Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister said today.  

In a meeting to discuss solutions for Elbow Park Elementary on August 20th, parents were told that Education Minister Jeff Johnson had promised that day modular classrooms would be ready by August 27th.    However, according to the Elbow Park Parent Council, the province is unable to give parents a definite timeline for when this modular school will be ready.  Students are now being asked to start the school year on September 3 at Eugene Coste School.  “For parents who have been spending the summer trying to prepare for the new school year, it is extremely disappointing to see the province make a promise that they couldn’t keep,” McAllister said.  “Unfortunately, this is just another example of this Premier and her PC government failing to be honest with families in our education system.”  McAllister said that families are justifiably upset and are looking for answers after the PC government failed to follow through on its commitment.  “It looks like provincial meddling in the Premier’s riding has now resulted in chaos with under a week before the new school year begins,” McAllister said. “Parents have known since the June flooding that a solution for students was needed, but because of the province’s actions and broken promises, they’re back to square one two months later.” 


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