June 01, 2012

PCs break promise on South Calgary Hospital

EDMONTON, AB (June 1, 2012): The PC government has broken their campaign promise by once again delaying the opening of the South Calgary Hospital.  During the election campaign Premier Alison Redford told (at 0:58) Albertans that, “this facility will begin to open in the summer,” but just yesterday Infrastructure Minister Wayne Drysdale confirmed the opening has been pushed back to the fall, possibly as late as December. 

 “Ms. Redford made a very clear commitment during the election to have the first phase of this hospital opened during the summer and now patients might not even start being admitted into the hospital until as late as the new year,” Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith said. “This is a serious broken promise and Ms. Redford owes an explanation to the residents of South Calgary and the surrounding area.”  Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth went on to criticize the government for poorly planning the South Calgary Hospital and said Albertans deserves better than empty promises.  “This is a pattern across this government announcing facilities with no plan and failing to deliver on promised timelines and is yet another big disappointment for the residents of Calgary who have been waiting years for new medical services,” Forsyth said.  “Very little has been said about how we’re going to staff this hospital and when patients can expect which services to be delivered.” 


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