September 26, 2013

PCs already bullying Edmonton's future mayor: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB (September 26, 2013): The PC government is already bullying Edmonton’s future mayor by attempting to force the three main candidates to raise money for the PC party at a forum moderated by Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today. 

According to an e-mail invite obtained by Wildrose, the Edmonton-Riverview PC Association is hosting a $150 per ticket fundraiser featuring a moderated forum with Kerry Diotte, Don Iveson and Karen Leibovici. Griffiths will moderate the forum and will ask the candidates “How will the new Mayor get along with Alberta’s Progressive Conservative government?” Further, a website for the event states, “Edmonton Riverview MLA Steve Young and The Honourable Doug Griffiths will co-moderate this lively debate as in 5 minutes, each candidate will spell out exactly how they, as new Mayor, plan on working with the Province of Alberta, the Capital Region MLA’s [sic] and PC Leader, the Honourable Alison Redford. The candidates will face some blunt queries from Steve and Doug and after that, we will open it up to the audience for further questions.” A screen shot of the website is attached. Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said the forum is a clear indication that the PC government is attempting to put the city’s future mayor firmly under its control. “I can’t imagine a scenario in which a Wildrose government would ever force municipal candidates to raise money for our party and answer questions from the Municipal Affairs Minister in a room full of party supporters,” Smith said. “This is clearly a summons to perform and it just shows how far this government will go in their attempts to bully municipalities.”


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