January 10, 2012

PCs accepted $15K in illegal donations from University of Lethbridge

EDMONTON, AB (January 10, 2012): The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta collected more than $15,000 in illegal donations from the University of Lethbridge between 2004 and 2007, the Wildrose Caucus revealed today.  According to documents obtained under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (see chart below), the PC party collected $15,075 in contributions from the U of L for Premier’s Dinners, golf tournaments, “Meet the Minister” dinners, and party policy conferences.  Under the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act, political parties are prohibited from soliciting and accepting contributions from groups such as municipalities, post-secondary schools, and other public institutions. 

 The PCs are already under investigation by Elections Alberta for soliciting and accepting illegal contributions from municipalities.  “This is very clearly entrenched behavior from a political party that believes it is above the law,” Wildrose Deputy Leader Paul Hinman said. “This is one example, from one university over a very short period of time. How far does this scandal go? It’s more of the same old from the PCs, only out for themselves.”  Today, Hinman sent a letter to Alberta’s Chief Electoral Officer Brian Fjeldheim asking him to broaden his investigation to include all post-secondary institutions in Alberta.  “We can’t allow our elections laws to be corrupted by this 40-year-old government that thinks the rules don’t apply to them,” Hinman said. “All of these illegal donations must be brought to light, the money returned and the PC party must be held accountable. All of these political shakedowns must stop.”  The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy. BACKGROUNDER:

March 2004 Edmonton Premier’s Dinner $800
April 2004 Meet the Minister Dinner $700
April 2004 Ron Stevens Glenmore Golf Classic $250
June 2004 Livingstone Macleod Golf tournament $320
February 2005 Premier’s Dinner $4,000
March 2005 Meet the Minister Dinner $700
March 2005 Calgary Premier’s Dinner $3,200
April 2005 Calgary Glenmore PC Association – Golf $250
September 2005 PC Assoc. of Alberta Policy Conference $70
October 2005 The Premier’s Dinner Southern Alberta $450
October 2005 The Premier’s Dinner Southern Alberta $225
October 2005 Premier’s Dinner $3,600
October 2007 Lunch with the Premier – Students Union $60
    TOTAL: $15,075


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