October 24, 2015

PC party needs to come clean with its members

EDMONTON, AB (October 24, 2015): The Alberta PCs need to come clean to their members about how much debt they have, who holds the debt, and how long it will take to pay off, Wildrose Party President Jeff Callaway  said today.

Over the next several days and weeks the PC party is holding a series of “Energizing” meetings with its members. But the leadership of the party are not telling the membership the true state of the Party’s financial situation. Reports suggest the PC party owes over $1.5 million in debt. With that much debt, the party’s Q3 fundraising wouldn’t even cover the interest it owes on its liabilities and minimal operations. Ultimately, members could find themselves on the hook.

“As an unincorporated organization, PC Party executives, both provincial and local could potentially find themselves personally responsible for the party’s debts,” Callaway said. “The executive of the PC Party need to explain how their party is not insolvent and how it will comply with electoral financing laws if it can’t make its minimum debt payments.”

“Wildrose is proud to be debt free, and under Brian Jean’s leadership, will continue to build a positive vision for the province that brings together all  small “c” conservatives,” Callaway said. “We hope that grass roots PC party members who have been let down by their party leadership’s poor fiscal management and irresponsible decision-making will consider joining Wildrose in our fight against the NDP.”

Callaway said the best path forward for conservative PC party members who want to beat the NDP is to buy a $10 Wildrose membership.

“We welcome all small “c” conservatives to join our party and help us get Alberta back on track. With $1.5 million in debt, and crushing interest payments, the creditors hold more control over the PC party than its executive or volunteers. The path forward for Alberta conservatives is with Brian Jean and Wildrose.”


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