January 23, 2013

PC mismanagement points to need for health reform: Towle

CALGARY, AB (January 23, 2012): Flat lining rates of patient satisfaction in Alberta’s healthcare system point to ongoing PC mismanagement and the need for reform, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today. The latest Health Quality Council survey released shows that only 64 per cent of Albertans are satisfied with Alberta’s health care system, while only 51 per cent of patients rated access to Alberta’s health care system as “easy.”

 With some of the longest wait times in the country for major surgeries and ER wait times, along with a recent report indicating that Alberta ranks seven out of 10 among Canadian provinces for spending health dollars efficiently, Wildrose Seniors Critic Kerry Towle said it’s time for action to improve patient care. “The PCs are currently undertaking a drastic and risky restructuring of primary care, which the survey reports is the only component of the health system that is functioning well, while wasting millions of dollars on layers of bureaucracy with little success,” Towle said. “Instead of putting the needs of Alberta patients first, it seems that this government is only comfortable with the low standard status-quo.” The report showed consistently high patient satisfaction rates with physicians, but it’s when patients entered the tangled bureaucratic maze of the actual system that satisfaction rates seem to drop. The Wildrose Official Opposition has long advocated for the need to decentralize the AHS superboard to restore local decision making and to model Alberta’s healthcare system to model successful European systems that have shorter wait times and higher patient satisfaction. “Albertans deserve a world-class health system that works in the interests of Alberta patients,” Towle said.  “We can no longer continue down the path of failed policies, we need new ideas that will put Albertans first.”



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