May 28, 2012

PC intimidation continues: Shen Yun shut down

EDMONTON, AB (May 28, 2012): The PC government’s abrupt and arbitrary cancellation of annual Shen Yun performances at the provincially operated Jubilee Auditoriums in Edmonton and Calgary shows the PC culture of bullying and intimidation will continue even after the provincial election.

In a letter to the Falun Dafa Association of Calgary, Culture Minister Heather Klimchuk pulled the plug on all future Edmonton and Calgary performances of Shen Yun – an annual showcase of Chinese dance, music and other performing arts – after the Association publicly raised safety and privacy concerns at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Falun Dafa had already scheduled their 2013 Shen Yun performances at both Jubilee Auditorium facilities. “Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this government’s intimidation tactics are going to stop any time soon,” Smith said. “It’s textbook PC politics – keep quiet or suffer their wrath. I hope Ms. Redford will signify a new tone for her government by reversing her Minister’s decision and issuing a public apology.” Wildrose Culture Critic Blake Pedersen today asked Klimchuck to reinstate the performances and publicly apologize to the Falun Dafa Associations. He also said the annual Shen Yun performance is a beautiful and skillful display of the Chinese culture and adds to the diversity of Alberta’s performing arts scene. “Falun Dafa and Shen Yun have a proud tradition in Alberta that goes back to 2007. It’s a shame Albertans will be denied this tradition because of petty PC politics,” Pedersen said.



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