May 13, 2013

PC government slow to act on twice-week bathing policy: Towle

EDMONTON, AB (May 13, 2013): Despite promising to put in a place a twice-weekly bathing policy in care facilities several months ago, many seniors and vulnerable Albertans in care are still fortunate to be receiving one bath a week, Wildrose Seniors Critic Kerry Towle said.

 The policy was implemented in March following months of public outrage over personal hygiene practices in provincial seniors care facilities. Towle said that it is unacceptable for the government to be sitting on its hands while the vast majority of facilities across the province still lack the capacity and resources to ensure standards are being met. In Question Period today, Towle asked Associate Seniors Minister George Vanderburg to explain how he’s allowed the government’s policy to fall by the wayside so quickly after it was announced. “Seniors in care are not getting two baths a week, and they’re lucky to even get one bath per week,” Towle said.  “You’re the minister, your government made the promise of two baths per week, yet it’s still not happening. How can this be interpreted as anything other than another broken promise?”


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