February 13, 2012

PC government shuts down debate on property rights: Hinman

EDMONTON, AB (February 13, 2012): After conducting a property rights task force, a clear message was sent today that the concerns of landowners are not a priority for the PC government after they refused to allow debate on a private member’s Bill that would preserve and protect property rights in Alberta.  Bill 201, the Alberta Bill of Rights (Property Rights Protection) Amendment Act, would amend Section 1 of the Bill of Rights by adding a section that would guarantee landowners full and timely compensation with the right to recourse to the courts whenever the government took their property.  

Wildrose Deputy Leader Paul Hinman said that after sending cabinet ministers across the province to listen to landowners on property rights they still don’t get the message.  “It’s clear that the property rights task force is nothing more than window dressing by this government to cover up its terrible record on property rights,” Hinman said. “Bill 201 is legislation that would guarantee landowners that an assault on their property rights would never happen again and this government said no.”  The government’s tactic delays discussion of Hinman’s Bill until March, which could mean that PC members avoid voting on it before the Legislature dissolves for the next election.  The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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