March 20, 2012

PC Culture of Corruption: Exhibit K - Premier should fire Lukaszuk now: Anderson

EDMONTON, AB (March 20, 2012):  Premier Alison Redford should immediately fire Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk after he told parents in Airdrie to ask their local MLA Rob Anderson “not to oppose” him if they want more classroom space from the provincial government.  According to a news report, Lukaszuk made the comments on a province-wide conference call with parents and educators last night. 

When asked how Airdrie could secure much-needed portable space for schools, Lukaszuk said:  “You know what, I’m really itching to say it, so I will, even though I know I shouldn’t but the first thing you can do actually in Airdrie is to call your MLA and ask him not to oppose me in the Legislature every day on considering new ways for funding infrastructure.”  Anderson, also the Wildrose Education Critic, has been pressing Lukaszuk to release a province-wide list of prioritized school projects to ensure new schools and maintenance upgrades aren’t politicized.  “His suggestion that Albertans would get more schools for their children if his political opponents kept their mouths shut epitomizes this PC government’s culture of bullying and corruption,” Anderson said.  “This is the man who decides where and when schools are built. I call on Premier Redford to fire him immediately.”   The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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