March 09, 2012

PC Culture of Corruption: Exhibit E - PC Bullying of CAODC in 2010

CALGARY, AB (March 9, 2012): Today Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith addressed the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) two years after Ron Liepert threatened to disrupt “future dialogue” with the Association for inviting the Wildrose to their annual luncheon. Liepert, the then Energy Minister, wrote “the fact that you have chosen to ‘politicize’ your annual luncheon leaves me concerned that you will not treat our future dialogues seriously. 

 I am available to discuss this issue if you choose but want you to know that future government relations handled in this manner will not be productive.” “As we have seen over recent months, the PC Culture of Corruption extends to bullying individuals, businesses, municipalities, school boards and even our physicians,” Smith said. “I am pleased that groups like the CAODC, along with a growing number of Albertans, are willing to stand out and engage in an open dialogue about what are the best ideas and leadership for this province moving forward.” At the luncheon, Smith spoke against Premier Alison Redford’s “Canadian Energy Strategy” and promoted an alternative vision for our energy industry. The Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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