March 06, 2012

PC Culture of Corruption: Exhibit C - Taxpayer-funded ad takes aim at Wildrose weeks before election

EDMONTON, AB (March 6, 2012):  Mere weeks before the provincial election, Premier Alison Redford’s PC government is charging taxpayers for an election ad intended to undermine the Wildrose No Tax pledge and boost the fortunes of the Progressive Conservative party.  According to a casting call and script obtained by the Wildrose Caucus, the Alberta government will soon run a radio ad claiming there are no new taxes in this year’s budget.  

“No new taxes means you can keep spending money on things that matter to you,” the ad reads.  In Question Period today, Wildrose MLA Guy Boutilier said Redford shouldn’t be using taxpayer money to pay for PC election ads.  “This government ad isn’t about a new program or project. It’s not a public service announcement. It’s a purely political ad using Albertans hard earned tax dollars,” Boutilier said. “To the Premier, how much are you spending on these partisan ads, and will you direct the PC party to pay for them instead of asking Albertans to foot the bill?”  The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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