May 06, 2013

PC centralization approach to research condemned by Dr. Robert Church, McAllister

EDMONTON, AB (May 6, 2013): Today, Wildrose Advanced Education Critic Bruce McAllister joined Dr. Robert Church in condemning the PC government’s plan to centralize research under Campus Alberta, a plan that will result in a brain drain and make Alberta less competitive on the world stage. 

Details of a new research institute that seeks to collapse the current research model into a centralized approach directly overseen by the government was recently outlined by the Advanced Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk who called it a, “win, win, win,” scenario. However, Dr. Church, who is a member of the Order of Canada, a co-founding member of the U of C Faculty of Medicine, a former co-chair of the Premier’s Council of Science and Technology, and former chair of the Alberta Science and Research Authority, is warning that the changes being undertaken by Minister Lukaszuk will create a brain drain for the economy. “This centralized R and D Superboard will result in the continued exit of top scientists, clinicians & engineers from Alberta,” Church said.  “This type of top-down government driven research direction hasn’t worked anywhere in the world. The last time I saw this model in action was when I was a visiting scientist in the Soviet Union in 1972.” McAllister said that with the centralized government knows best approach continuing to create chaos in our healthcare system under the AHS superboard, it’s time for the minister to pull back from his plans that will harm the competitiveness of our research industry. “We’re continuing to see the PC government’s plan to take aim at the autonomy of our universities and research industry getting panned by the experts in the field,” McAllister said.  “It’s obvious that the Minister needs to re-evaluate his ambitions to do a complete overhaul before the damage is too deep.”


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