March 07, 2012

PC Attack Ads Reveal Fear of Growing Wildrose Momentum

Calgary, AB (March 7, 2012): Add another broken promise to the PC pile as the PC Party ditches its commitment against running attack ads in favour of a fear and smear campaign. As reported in various media, Premier Redford and the PC Party appear set to run a misinformation campaign against Wildrose and its opposition to Bill 26. “Clearly the PCs are worried about their falling poll numbers, and have decided to turn their attack machine on us,” said Wildrose Senate Nominee Vitor Marciano.  “Wildrose has been absolutely clear on its position – we support further enforcement of existing drunk-driving laws and more police focus on those dangerous drivers who cause the most harm.”

 Bill 26, rushed through the Legislature earlier this fall in a matter of days, targets those who are legally under the limit rather than those who chronically drive drunk.  Even the PC government has recognized the substantial flaws in their own law by choosing to delay its full implementation until well after the next election.  It was reported in the media that several PC MLAs also had deep misgivings about this law and raised their concerns in caucus, only to be over-ruled by Premier Redford. “Wildrose believes strongly that getting serious about impaired driving is something the government should be pursuing,” said Marciano.  “However, we believe an increase in enforcement, and not needless new legislation, is what will actually solve the problem. “Perhaps next time, the PCs will take the time to listen to everyday Albertans – or even their own MLAs – when drafting new legislation, instead of creating attack ads.” Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy. -  30 -


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