March 19, 2015

Over 50 per cent of Travel Alberta employees are managers: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB (March 19, 2015): After a PC government ordered a review of management expenses at Travel Alberta, new information released by the Wildrose shows over half of the organization’s 100 employees are ranked as managers.

Travel Alberta received a $50 million transfer from the PC government in 2014. According to the Alberta Pensions Services Corporation, Travel Alberta has 50 members in the Management Employee Pension Plan and 33 in the Public Service Pension Plan.

“If Premier Jim Prentice wants to justify a $2 billion tax grab off the backs of Albertans, he’ll have to explain why he continues to prop up this type of excessive bureaucracy across government,” Wildrose House Leader Shayne Saskiw said. “If a similar sized company in the private-sector had one manager for every employee, they’d be out of business.”

Outside of Travel Alberta, senior managers and PC appointees in government were recently given an 8 per cent pay raise along with a generous pension top-up.

“While Albertans everywhere are hurting, managers across government have never had it so good,” Saskiw said. “It’s clear that golf courses, golden handshakes, corporate handouts and maintaining perks and pay for a ballooning bureaucracy are becoming hallmarks of this PC government.”


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