September 18, 2013

Open long-term care beds at Holy Cross Centre: Towle

EDMONTON, AB (September 18, 2013): With the Holy Cross Centre receiving its Occupancy Permit from the City of Calgary on September 13, Health Minister Fred Horne must immediately reverse AHS’ out-of-touch decision to shut down 77 long-term care beds, Wildrose Seniors Critic Kerry Towle said. 

Rouleau Manor, located in the Holy Cross Centre, was home to over 77 people who had been living in long-term care before being permanently relocated after June flooding. The facility opened for occupancy just two years ago on October 17, 2011, “with a particular focus to support patients with Korsakoff’s and other dementia.” “This is just another case of an out-of-touch PC government mismanaging our health care system,” Towle said.  “Right now there are over 430 Albertans waiting in acute care beds who need specialized long-term care.  To shut down these beds is flat out wrong.” Towle said the closure of 77 long-term care beds at Rouleau Manor is a part of a repeated pattern under the PC government that prefers the closure of long-term care beds for high-need patients to support its misguided continuing-care model. “AHS’ own capital plan shows the health authority plans to scrap 1,659 long-term care spaces by 2018,” Towle said.  “Instead of targeting the services that our seniors rely on, it’s time for this government to get its priorities straight.”



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