September 25, 2013

On eve of Redford leadership review, taxpayer funded billboards pop up across Alberta

CALGARY, AB (September 25, 2013): In advance of her PC leadership review, Premier Alison Redford is sticking taxpayers with the bill for partisan political billboards popping up across flood ravaged sections of the province, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

 The billboards match the design of the PC propaganda budget report titled Report to Taxpayers and are branded with Alison Redford’s name.  Notably, previous Government of Alberta billboards on Highway 2 announcing infrastructure work only listed Alberta Transportation. “It appears Premier Redford has no problem using taxpayer money to foot the bill for her own personal ad campaign,” Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said. “This is completely unethical and especially offensive given the financial hardship of so many flood victims across the province. The Premier must immediately disclose how much this is costing taxpayers and have the PC Party pay back that amount to Albertans.” Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister said that there are no shortages of better ways for the PC government to spend money than propping up their leader before a fall leadership review. “Residents across southern Alberta are still trying to recover from flood damage and front-line services continue to take a hit.  How much more of these political stunts are taxpayers going to have to pay for?” McAllister said. “There are so many more important priorities to focus on. Given the choice, I'm sure families would rather see this government working to shrink ballooning class sizes, getting the desperately needed modulars for our kids or seniors into long-term care instead of plastering the landscape with Premier Redford campaign signs.”



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