Olds - Didsbury - Three Hills


Nathan Cooper

House Leader
Democracy & Accountability

Known as a principled and persuasive community builder, Nathan Cooper is seeking to represent the people of Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills in this year’s provincial election.

Nathan has the extensive political experience required to get real results.

Provincially, he is a cornerstone of the Wildrose Official Opposition team, having served as Caucus Chief of Staff and Director of Legislative Affairs. Locally, Nathan is currently serving his second term with the Town of Carstairs council. He currently Chairs the municipality’s Finance and Audit committee, and is a member of the Central Alberta Economic Partnership Board. He also has well-rounded local government experience with the Carstairs Community Economic Development Committee, the Carstairs Regional Fire Authority, the Parkland Regional Library Board, and the Carstairs Library Board.

Nathan firmly believes that strong families build strong communities, and strong communities support strong families. A dedicated volunteer, he spent most of his formative years in Mountain View County, where he learned the true value of community service at a young age. Growing up in 4-H, Nathan won numerous public speaking awards and continues to support the organization by volunteering as a judge. As a former Rotary youth exchange student, Nathan continues to value and support the good work done by Rotarians at home and around the world.

Nathan recognizes the importance of those who supported him in his youth, and pays-it-forward by working with kids at every opportunity, be it coaching soccer, serving as a camp counsellor, or serving on the board of the Youth Unlimited Carstairs drop in center.

Happily married for 13 years, Cooper and his bride Tanya area raising three children – Porter, Paxton and Peyton, in their hometown of Carstairs.

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