February 13, 2012

North-south lines process flawed and wrong for Alberta

EDMONTON, AB (February 13, 2012): The release of a report today parroting the government’s line proves that it’s time for Bill 50 to be repealed immediately and for decision making on transmission lines to be returned to an independent needs based assessment process, the Wildrose Caucus said today. 

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said the findings of the Critical Transmission Review Committee affirm the position of landowners and the Wildrose that Bill 50 needs to be repealed to put an end to the centralized decision making. “Right from the start, this whole process has steamrolled over residents and business owners who have serious objections to these lines,” Smith said.  “There’s another option for Albertans, the Wildrose will repeal Bill 50, put a stop to these DC lines and implement a truly independent, transparent and objective needs assessment that will enable experts to demonstrate Alberta's transmission requirements.” Wildrose Energy Critic Paul Hinman said that the report cannot be trusted to be objective with the parameters set up to ensure the government received a stamp of approval for its Bill 50 overbuild.  “There’s no cost-benefit analysis here showing that these massive transmission lines are economically viable.  They will either drive industry offline or out of the province,” Hinman said. “The impact of Bill 50 will be a possible school closure along with business and landowners losing money all because the Premier and her cabinet forced these transmission lines on Albertans without respecting the independent process.  It’s only going to get worse unless we get a new government.” The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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