July 09, 2012

Nine more reasons to change elections law, reveal illegal donations: Saskiw

EDMONTON, AB (July 9, 2012):  Today Wildrose Justice Critic Shayne Saskiw called on the PC government to commit to updating elections law so the details of illegal donations made to the PC party can be released.  Elections Alberta announced today that they have handed out 9 more administrative penalties for donations made to the PC party. With today’s announcement there have now been 71 files reviewed with 37 resulting in fines.

As Justice Minister in 2010, Redford passed the current law preventing the Chief Electoral Officer from releasing information about parties found to have violated fundraising laws.   “It’s unacceptable in a democracy like Alberta that this type of information continues to be kept secret,” Saskiw said.  “Albertans deserve to know how much the PC party has received in illegal donations and when the money will be returned.”  The Chief Electoral Officer is currently conducting a review of the elections law to offer his recommendations to improve openness in the legislation.  Saskiw said after the Calgary PC caucus meeting, the PC government should make a clear commitment to accept all recommendations and ensure that the legislation will allow the results of investigations to be released.  “It should be a no brainer to commit to new legislation instead of keeping this gag law in place,” Saskiw said.  “Until then it seems like the PCs continue to show that they are only interested in looking out for their own self interest instead of doing the right thing.” 


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