March 25, 2015

New 'health' tax to subsidize 44 years of PC waste and mismanagement: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB (March 25, 2015): A new tax on health care is nothing but a tax to subsidize 44 years of PC waste and mismanagement and will damage economic growth, Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said today.

Despite Alberta spending 30 per cent above the national average on health care while receiving among the worst results, the new tax was floated by Premier Jim Prentice in his $100,000 taxpayer funded partisan television address on Tuesday evening,

“Not a dollar of this tax will go to helping health care, it will instead prop up years of wasteful spending on things like golf courses, pay raises for managers, billions in corporate welfare and fine china for the Premier’s office,” Forsyth said.  “The idea that you can tax your way back to prosperity is not how we built this great province and it isn’t the solution to fixing our health care system.”

Forsyth noted that despite British Columbia having half a million more residents, they currently spend at the same level as Alberta for health care, and receive dramatically better results.

The new tax was criticized by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, saying it will only, “make tough economic times even tougher… now is not the time to introduce new taxes onto Albertans.”

Forsyth said the last thing Alberta needs is for the government to take more money out of the economy to subsidize the most expensive and ineffective government in Canada.

“Raising taxes when times are tough is unoriginal, short-sighted, and will only hurt our ability to grow the economy,” Forsyth said.  “What would take real courage is for this PC government to look in the mirror and stare back at the fine china, the new MLA palaces, the billions in perks-and-pay for managers and to get their fiscal house in order.”


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