February 28, 2013

Need more clarity, direction on social policy framework moving forward: Wilson

EDMONTON, AB (February 28, 2013): Alberta’s Social Policy Framework needs to move in the direction to give more freedom for non-government organizations to innovate and should provide more clear direction  and measures to meet tangible outcomes, Wildrose Human Services Critic Jeff Wilson said today.

 The Social Policy Framework unveiled by the government after months of consultations and several hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, reiterates several of the government’s long-standing positions on the need to provide equal opportunity and to protect the vulnerable, but Wilson said he was hoping for a more definitive direction on Alberta’s policy moving forward. “Wildrose believes in a strategy that is made-in-Alberta, sustainable, and based on need and we’re disappointed that today’s document failed to outline a more clear direction for our social programs going forward,” Wilson said. “However, I do look forward to working with the government to ensure a more clear vision on how government can support and work with the social sector to support those in need.” Wilson said that Alberta deserves a social support system that protects our most vulnerable but capitalizes on the strength of our non-profit sector and the contributions of everyday Albertans. “The PC government should focus on more freedom for non-government organizations to innovate and assist Albertans in need,” Wilson said.


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