November 10, 2016

NDP oil sands advisor calls for Trans Mountain pipeline to be blocked: Wildrose

NDP Oil Sands Advisory Group (OSAG) member and STAND National Director Karen Mahon is actively calling for Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to be blocked and should be fired, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

In a fundraising email that was sent last Tuesday for a campaign called “What is the Prime Minister not telling you,” Mahon stoked fears about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Ocean Protection Plan being a precursor to Kinder Morgan approval. It goes on to say “we need your support now more than ever, can you chip in $20 right now” to have the pipeline project denied. 
Wildrose Shadow Electricity & Renewables Minister Don MacIntyre said Premier Rachel Notley needs to publicly condemn these views and fire Mahon.
“Albertans already knew that the NDP government has interests other than Alberta’s economic future at heart when it comes to our energy industry,” MacIntyre said. “Now it is spelled out in black and white with yet another member of this NDP-appointed Oil Sands Advisory Group not just coming out against a pipeline to tidewater, but actually asking for money to fight it. This is preposterous.”
Previously, OSAG co-chair Tzeporah Berman equated Alberta’s oil sands to “Mordor” and argued against pipeline development because of the NDP’s new legislation to put a cap on emissions.
“The NDP government needs to send an honest message to Albertans that it does not stand for these radical anti-oil policies by firing these two OSAG members,” MacIntyre said. “It is offensive to the tens of thousands of Albertans who have lost their jobs and are looking for strong advocacy for pipelines in every direction to get our economy back on track.”


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