March 10, 2016

NDP must explain secret satellite office: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB (March 10, 2016): The revelation that the NDP government is using caucus resources for a secret northeast Calgary “outreach office” demonstrates the government is having a tough time determining right from wrong, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

The NDP Caucus have set up shop in northeast Calgary in an unsigned satellite office that is not open to the public and staffed by experienced campaigners. When questioned about this “outreach office” in committee, the NDP refused to come clean on its existence.

“It seems that the NDP government just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to blurring ethical lines,” Wildrose Shadow Ethics and Accountability Minister Jason Nixon said. “The government appears to be using taxpayer dollars for the partisan purpose of trying to influence the Calgary-Greenway byelection.”

The NDP government currently is the only party that has access to Calgary's McDougall Centre. The office is currently staffed by different stakeholder and outreach managers for Premier Rachel Notley.

Wildrose has discovered that the two individuals operating out of the secret office are well known political operatives for the NDP.  It remains unclear how their outreach duties are different from the Premier’s outreach staff in McDougall house.

The federal NDP got into hot water on exactly this issue in the last few years and was ordered to repay millions of dollars for partisan “outreach” offices that were run by their Ottawa caucus staff.

“Albertans deserve better than the shady work the NDP government is conducting,” Nixon said. “Just recently we had $10 thousand dollar-a-plate out-of-province corporate and union fundraisers. Now the NDP will need to assure Albertans that it is not trying to use public money to sway a byelection.”


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