March 03, 2016

NDP 'jobs plan' in chaos, has created zero jobs

The NDP government’s jobs plan has created zero jobs since being introduced last fall, comes with a big price tag and is creating further chaos, confusion and red-tape in the business community, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

The jobs subsidy program was introduced as a cornerstone of the NDP’s 2015 budget with a promise of the program starting in January 2016. Now, the department of Economic Development is saying the program is not ready.  
Wildrose Shadow Jobs Minister Grant Hunter said the NDP should scrap the expensive, bloated and ineffective jobs subsidy program and replace it with a small business tax cut.
“Economists know and small business owners know that this jobs subsidy program isn’t what our province needs right now,” Hunter said. “Right now, Alberta has the most expensive business taxes in western Canada. It would be prudent for the government to reject the program and go with a different plan that Wildrose has been proposing: reduce Alberta’s small business tax rate.”
Currently, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia all have lower small business tax rates than Alberta.
“The jobs subsidy program is a prime example of the NDP government’s waste and ineffectiveness, and must be ended,” Hunter said. “Business owners are not looking for a hand out, they are looking for the government to actively work to improve our province’s current investment conditions. Lowering the small business tax rate would do exactly that.”


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